Jorge Quan


hello, I'm

Jorge Quan

I have worked as a graphic designer since 1995 in different agencies of local and transnational advertising such as DDBº, Ogilvy and BBDO and I fell in love with graphic design, its expression and its foundations in our nature human. Throughout my career I have handled branding (Identity corporate) of companies such as Claro, Toyota, Digicel (Launch and in-house), Unitec, Ron Bacardi, Van Heusen, Dunkin Donuts, Popeyes.


Since 2003 I started to work as web designer in local digital agencies and I discovered this new passion of two world “supposedly opposed” and separated in theory for graphics designers which has led me to update myself by learning languages ​​of programming for web such as HTML, CSS and Wordpress.


Currently I am studying online courses on adobe premier (10% handling) and adobe after effects (handling 30%) I also practice the hobby of drawing faces freehand with charcoal pencil and commercial photography.

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